Market Assessment Its been very irresistible for many companies large and small, to enter new, complex markets, and this defines their future success in that market. And we utilize our strong knowledge, an extensive experience and a proven methodology to assist such companies in developing detailed market assessments and breakthrough entry strategies. Working in tandem with the client's management team, we first evaluates their objectives, capabilities and resources, strengths and weaknesses and, most importantly, product portfolio. Then perform a detailed assessment which includes: Global and macro-economic trends, industry framework & trends, regulatory environment, competitive dynamics, technology trends, market trends, upcoming changes if any and implications for the client. The final deliverable will be a road map for entering the market or enhancing penetration in the market including recommended modes of entry, partner/target identification, competitive and market positioning strategy, distribution strategy, resulting financials and market share, and an execution plan. Also in a phase two we can assist in the development of a comprehensive business development strategy, and its implementation and execution. Strategy Formulation In todays scenario almost every business outfit wants to become strategy focused to ensure optimized operations and success in their respective industry and therefore they wish to become a “Strategy focused organization” to significantly utilize market opportunities and challenges, including global, as well as regional/local. However these firms focus not on having “best strategy” but an effective strategy that can be implemented and executed successfully and can be replicated across their concern.
We have over two decades of cumulative experience in strategy formulation assisting clients across India in developing implementable strategies, using the world-renowned frameworks. We develops a comprehensive strategy that covers all four critical areas: A financial sub-strategy that helps meeting shareholder expectations, A customer service strategy that helps achieve the financial objectives, An internal process/operations strategy that ensures that customer expectations are met or exceeded, and An organizational and business technology strategy that ensures the organization excels in key processes and in the delivery of the overall strategy. Our methodology includes a detailed internal analysis along with understanding the need of the client. Then we nominatively summarizes our findings in to suitable strategic framework demonstrating the cause and effect between the strategic objectives. Most importantly, most assignments are completed on a fast track basis, building consensus along the way, without disrupting operations. Besides formulating strategy, we also keep track of the execution of designed strategy. Business Process Innovation Enhancing profitability by improving operational efficiency, and at the same time enhancing the customer experience is of utmost importance in today’s challenging environment. Wherein generating additional revenue or adding customers to fetch additional profits is becoming even more difficult. Companies that have attempted such initiatives find that it takes too long, the results are mixed and the savings aren’t as much as expected. We with our experience in business process optimization ensure that the solutions that are crafted helps our clients curtail costs and fetch new customers at optimum cost to ensure better revenues. Our strategic process improvement approach to strategically improve operating efficiency is innovative, fast, and relatively easy to implement. To begin, we examine clients’ current process framework and finds opportunities to innovate. Then, with the help of various operational tools, we helps identify those processes that are mission critical, and create competitive advantage, therefore focusing on only transforming those process areas that create fast efficiency and cost reduction benefits for the client. Additionally, we acknowledges that successful processes are impacted by strategy, structure, technology and the culture of an organization. Therefore, our recommendations are all comprehensive covering all critical areas. We also Specialize in preparing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents in situations where clients are seeking to document all processes within the organization, and can help train teams to ensure consistent process deployment to ensure world class customer experience. Service Excellence Researches have indicated that over a period of five years companies lose their almost half customers due to service related issues. Retaining profitable customers and selectively acquiring new ones is the crux of any successful business strategy today. With an increasingly competitive environment, customers are also demanding more personalized and enhanced services. We assists clients to develop a Best-in-Class Customer Service Strategy, by designing service blueprints, altering customer touch points to enhance customer service satisfaction, and crafting Service Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure that execution always remains up to the mark. Human Capital We advise clients on organization & human resources transformation at every life-stage of their business. Select key areas in which we provide assistance are: Enterprise Design We also expertise in design & implementation of restructuring exercises in a variety of client situations – start-up, growth, slow-down or acquisitions. We assist in the definition of the overall business architecture and the HR service delivery model. Talent Management & Employee Engagement Organizations need to use credible, objective criteria to identify high potential talent & groom them. We have assisted clients with competency frameworks, assessments, succession plans, management development & leadership development, along with mentoring and coaching whenever needed. The goal is to support a sustainable business that attracts & retains the best talent. We also conduct customized training and coaching sessions on various topics to increase employee morale resulting in overall boost in productivity. Funding & Advisory We help our clients to materialize their ideas in to successful business ventures. For this we help them plan, arrange funds and develop strategies. We also tie up with investors who are willing to invest and help them investing in the ventures they feel comfortable for future returns. We also help existing businesses for raising capital for their specific business requirement form various low cost avenues and also advise on optimum utilization of the same.